Oct 25th 2013 I brought a new family member home, her name is Bella she is a choc Lab and at 8 weeks of age she was already 22 pounds so I knew we would need help as she was going to be huge… I started looking on the Labrador.com website and the were 2 trainer on the website explaining different techniques to train your puppy, the first was a gentleman that had such barbaric training techniques that is frightened me, Then I found Dee Hoult in a training video show how to get new your puppy to stop nipping.. simply say OUCH, so each time Bella bite or nipped, we simply said OUCH and it worked so perfectly and still works, So we new “Applause Your Paws” was were team Bella needed to be, Thank you so much Dee for your caring approach to pet and pet parent training !!!

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