On October 25th, 2013 I brought home a new family member. I started looking online for labrador resources and came across Labradors.com. Miami dog trainer Dee Hoult had a featured video on their website about how to train your puppy to stop nipping. The technique works so perfectly that we knew we wanted to work with the dog trainers at Applause Your Paws. We signed up our 22lb, 8 week old Chocolate Labrador “Bella” for the Saturday afternoon Puppy Kindergarten class. We had five puppy classes with trainer Kristen Thompson, followed by four classes with trainer Dee Hoult — Bella,  my son Stefan and I learned so much! I was  amazed that with positive reinforcement dog training,  a bag of treats plus expert knowledge of training techniques for both the pups and us pet parents that Bella has responded wonderfully and well as  all the other puppies in the class. Thank you so much Applause Your Paws Dog and Puppy Training in Miami, Florida for your caring approach to pet and pet parent training!

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