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How to Get a Perfect Heel

Teaching your puppy, a heel is very important not just for eliminating tugging on a leash, but you want to teach them to stay by your side even under distractions.

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Puppy Training: We Got You

When bringing home a new puppy, the critical socialization period is from 8-11 weeks of age. Unfortunately missing this window can result in your puppy going through a “fear period”, or just being behaviorally damaged for most its life. Most new puppy owners do not...

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Remembering Patience: It’s a Journey not a Race

Quite frequently in dog training I come across owners who are so determined to get to the end that they begin forgetting where they started. They can't remember the dog that didn't know how to sit, or the one that couldn't walk out of the front door without barking....

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Regarding the Resource Guarder: How to Avoid Possessiveness

Resource guarding is one of the things we like to nip in the bud before it becomes a more severe problem in our dog's adult life. Dog's that show any signs of growling, freezing, or even potential biting over a possession are exhibiting a form of resource guarding....

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Let’s Get Two Puppies: The Curse of Littermate Syndrome

Within the canine community we have our single dog people, who only ever want one dog at a time no matter what, and we have our multi-dog people...I don't think the latter requires an explanation. Some of us like having a pack around. An important thing to keep in...

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Notes from a Trainer: How Soon Can I Train My Dog?

The vast majority of people are under the impression that when they first get their puppy they need to wait until the dog is nearing 6 months to begin training. However, dogs can learn concepts like basic obedience through clicker training as early as four weeks old....

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Dog Training in Miami – Barking Mad

If you're the owner of a yipping Yorkie or a baying Beagle, then you've clicked on the right place. We all love our dogs, but some of us could do without the constant "ruff ruff" in our every day lives. We obviously can't stop our furry friends from barking entirely;...

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